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The Jeep tie rod is a steering component that must be maintained for your vehicle to have control when maneuvering. The tie rod is the end component that takes the input from the driver and actually moves the wheel in the desired direction. The two ends of the tie rod are vastly different from one another. There is the end with a ball joint and stud that connects to the spindle on your Jeep. The other end has threads on it that screw into the connecting bar on the rack and pinion that is controlled by the steering gear box. The Jeep tie rods are just two of the many steering and suspension components that should be filled with grease when the vehicle is having a routine oil change. The grease lubricates the ball joint end of the tie rod so when it moves the spindle, the wear on it is minimal. When not greased regularly, the ball joint end of the tie rod wears and will become lose. Not only can the tie rod on the front end of your Jeep wear out from being used in the turning action of the vehicle, but if an obstacle on the road is hit with great of force, it can also be bent. If it is bent then the toe of the front wheel alignment will be out and the wear on the front tires will be excessive. The replacement this steering component is straight forward. The vehicle can be on the pavement or lifted into the air. The nut on the stud connected to the ball joint is removed then the steering component is screwed out of the connecting bar. The number of rotations has to be noted so the new component can be placed back in the connecting bar on your Jeep in the same position.