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The pair of Kia tie rods on your car helps to guide your vehicle down the road. This is the steering component that connects the steering action to the wheel so the Kia will turn upon demand when the driver wants it to. The tie rods can be found in the front end of the Kia connected to the spindle in each of the front steering knuckles. It may be only a simple bar with threads on one end and a ball joint on the other, but without them working properly, control over your vehicle would not be possible. An inspection of the Kia tie rods is pretty much straight forward. The car can be on the ground or lifted into the air. Once located the inspector should grasp the tie rod and determine the amount of play in the end with a ball joint. It should roll rather easy but if there is any up and down play or sideways play of the ball in the joint replacement should occur. While under the car, the inspector should observe the other steering and suspension components that have zerks on them. Just like the tie rods, these other components should have grease injected into them every couple of service appointments. Injecting this grease when the car is lifted into the air reduces the wear on the steering and suspension components, and can lengthen their life span up to 4 times longer than without it. The tie rods on your Kia not only make it possible to turn the wheels but also set the toe of the front tires. As this steering component begins to wear, the front tires will also have excessive wear on them until they are replaced.