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The parts that control the direction of your vehicle are the Lexus tie rods on the front wheel assemblies. This steering component is made up of a ball joint at one end and threads on the other. The ball joint end is connected to the spindle or steering arm of the wheel assembly, while the threaded portion of your tie rod is connected to the steering control bar on the rack and pinion of your Lexus. The Lexus tie rods serve two distinct purposes. Not only does this steering component make it possible to point the front wheels in a certain direction, but it also sets the toe alignment for the front tires. When the ball joint end of the tie rod becomes worn and has play in it, the angle of the toe changes as the Lexus is moving down the road. This slight change in direction of the tires causes them to wear prematurely across the tread. With excessive play in the ball joint of a tie rod, a Lexus driver may also feel the same in the steering wheel. The steering wheel will not feel as tight or responsive as before. Unless the ball joint in this steering component is excessive worn, the feeling of less control is just uncomfortable. If a jerk is felt, then that simple loss of control might lead to total steering loss; resulting in an accident. This is just one of the many steering and suspension components that should have grease regularly injected into it at routine intervals. This will extend the life span of the tie rod considerably. If this steering component is ignored for an extended period of time, the play in the steering wheel will just increase until the vehicle is unsafe to operate on the road.