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The control over the direction the front wheels are guided to is by the Lincoln Tie Rods. The location of the tie rods is at the end of the steering bar which is moved by the steering box gears on your Lincoln.

There are a total of two tie rods on the front end of your vehicle controlling the direction the front wheel assemblies are turned too. At one end is a ball joint with a stud protruding from it. This is directly connected to the spindle in the front wheel assembly. The other end is screwed into the steering bar. The number of turns the rod is screwed into the bar determines the toe setting of the front wheel alignment that is set on your Lincoln. This is a metal to metal contact point that requires no maintenance to be scheduled for its up keep.

The end of the Lincoln tie rod that fits into the spindle does require maintenance to be done to it. This is a ball swivel joint that has to be lubricated because it moves when the vehicle is being maneuvered. This lubrication of the rod is part of what is called a chassis lube procedure that is done during a routine oil change. It is the injection of ball bearing grease into the zert on the ball joint end of the tie rod. If this maintenance is not done regularly, the joint wear prematurely causing the movement of the front wheel to be excessive even when the Lincoln steering wheel is not being turned.

Remember if you need to replace the tie rods on your vehicle, the end with the threads sets the toe of the front wheels. Count the number of turns to remove the old one so the new one can be put back in the same position.