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Mercedes-Benz Car Tie Rod
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The purpose of the Mercedes-Benz tie rods is to provide a way to set the toe of the front wheels, as well as to connect the steering rack or center link to the wheels of your vehicle. These steering components have a few moving parts at one end that can wear out over time and be in need of replacing. A driver of a Mercedes-Benz might notice excessive play in the steering of their vehicle. This is one symptom of worn tie rods on your vehicle. Another would be excessive wear on the front tires of the vehicle. If either is noticed, then your Mercedes-Benz tie rods should be inspected. The tie rods are connected to the spindles on each wheel assembly and to the steering rack or center link in the middle of the steering system. It is the ball joint found at each end of the tie rods that will be worn. Indications of wear are when the ball is loose in the socket where it is held in on your Mercedes-Benz. If this is noticed then the tie rods should be replaced. If just one tie rod is worn, both should be replaced as the other one will be close to wearing out since it has experienced the same time and exposure that the worn component has experienced while being on your Mercedes-Benz. Because the tie rods are also responsible for the toe adjustment on the front end of your vehicle, this setting must be checked when the repair procedure is completed. To help get this close the number of turns this steering component required to be removed from the steering bar should be counted so the replacement part can be put back in at the same position as the old part.