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With worn out Mitsubishi tie rods on your vehicle, the front tires will prematurely wear. The car will also be much less responsive to driver input. The tie rods on the front of your Mitsubishi are the components that connect the steering rack to the front steering knuckles. The tie rods connect to the rack by simply screwing into them. On the wheel assembly, they have a ball joint that is bolted into place. It is this ball joint end that will wear out over time. The amount of wear on this section of the tie rod can be determined by the grasping of this steering component and noticing if the ball portion of the joint is loose in the socket that holds it in place. This movement is why the front tires move side to side slightly when it is traveling down the road. This slight vibration will cause the front tires to prematurely wear and cause for their replacement sooner than expected. Loose Mitsubishi tie rods with play in their ball joints will give the driver is in a less responsive action to their input on the steering wheel. They will be able to slightly turn the wheel but no action will be felt or seen. This gives some Mitsubishi owners a worried feeling of less control over their vehicle when they are driving it on the road. The replacement of the tie rods on the front of your vehicle should be completed with care and understanding of the steering component. The distance that the rod is screwed into the rack is a precise measurement that controls the toe angle of the front wheels. If the new tie rod is not placed back in the same position as the old one, the front wheel alignment will be off on your Mitsubishi which will have to be reset for the car to travel straight down the road.