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The simplicity in the design of the Oldsmobile tie rod does not take away from the important role they play in controlling the direction your vehicle will follow. There are either two or four tie rods on every Oldsmobile that has ever been made. These are the last of the steering components that connect the center link or steering rack to the front wheel assemblies; enabling the driver to control the direction their vehicle will travel. The Oldsmobile tie rods have two ends, but only one can wear out and cause this steering component to be in need of replacement. This is the ball joint end, and it can either be attached to the center link (toward the inside) or the spindle (toward the outside) in the front end of your Oldsmobile. This wear is from the pressure placed on it sideways to turn the front wheels. To increase the speed at which this wear occurs is if this steering component is not greased at regular intervals. The greasing of the tie rod should occur when your vehicle is serviced at every 3,000 to 5,000 miles for an engine oil change. This will help the contact this joint makes of the ball in its socket to be lubricated so the friction it experiences is reduced as much as possible in the tie rod. If this wear is not reduced, then the play the ball in the socket will increase and cause the driver to have less control over their vehicle when they are operating it. This can be felt in the steering wheel when it is turned just slightly but there is no change in the direction of the vehicle. If the tie rods are allowed to become worn, the front wheels will also not be held steady in one direction. This slight level of vibration in the direction they will be pointed in will cause excessive wear to occur to the front tires that are mounted to your Oldsmobile.