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With a firm grip on the front wheel assemblies, Pontiac tie rods make it possible to control the path of your vehicle when the driver decides to change direction. These steering components are located at the bottom the front wheel assemblies on both side of the vehicle. The tie rods are a unique component on the front of your vehicle. Not only do they have a flexible end that mounts to the wheel assembly, but they also contain a rigid end that aids in the alignment and toe for the front wheels. This dual role was built into their design many decades ago and is still how the tie rods operate today on your Pontiac. The flexibility of the Pontiac tie rod end is a ball joint with a stud protruding from it. This ball joint is held in this component by means of a socket. This joining of the ball joint in the socket is the area of the tie rod that will show signs of wear in time of being used on a vehicle. There is a point where the play or movement of the ball joint in the socket will be too great for it to have a secure hold on the joint and could fail. To help reduce this wear, the Pontiac owner should have this steering component along with the rest of them on the front end of their vehicle filled with grease on a regular basis. The other end of the tie rod is threaded. This end screws into the steering bar and does not wear out. The threaded portion of this Pontiac component is where the toe setting for the front wheel alignment is made.