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The Volkswagen tie rod is the last of the steering components that make it possible to steer your car or SUV while you are driving down the road. This tie rod is connected at one end to the steering rack or center link and to the spindle on the front wheel assembly at the other end on all Volkswagens. All Volkswagen tie rods are configured in the same way. There is a ball joint with a stud at one end that is mounted to the spindle. The other end has a thread pattern on it which screws directly into the steering bar that runs across the front of your Volkswagen from the steering box. The end of the tie rod with the ball joint and stud is the area of this steering device that will show signs of wear over time. This component will be worn when the ball is no longer being securely held in place inside of the socket that is moves in. When this condition is present in the tie rod, it has to be replaced as soon as possible before the ball joint becomes dislodged from the socket. If that occurs when the Volkswagen is in motion, the driver will definitely lose control over the direction of the front wheels. The replacement of this steering device is simple but the technician must be observant. Once the ball joint end is removed, the other end is screwed out of the steering bar. The number of rotation the tie rod is turned out of the bar must be noted. This will make it possible for the new steering component to be put back in the same place and depth as the old one. This is the toe setting for the front end alignment of the wheels.