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Your Volvo tie rod has the ability to rotate within itself at one end, which is the reason it is capable of moving the front wheel in the desired direction as dictated by the driver. The tie rod is one of the many steering components on your vehicle. It has two basic functions. The first is to apply pressure to the spindle on which the wheel assembly rotates. The second is the setting of the toe in the alignment of the front wheels on the Volvo. By looking at the Volvo tie rod, it will be observed the two ends are very different from each other. At one end is a threaded section. This is the area that is screwed into the steering bar that is controlled by the steering box. The threads are present on the tie rod so the angle the front wheels are placed in can be adjusted. This is referred to as the toe of the front wheel alignment on all Volvos. The other end of this steering component has a ball that is recessed into a socket that has a stud protruding from it. It is this studded portion of the tie rod that is connected to the spindle in the front wheel assembly so it can control the direction of the front wheel as the Volvo is moving down the road. It is almost impossible to damage the threaded end of the tie rod, but the ball joint end will show signs of wear over time of it being used to apply pressure to the spindle. This is the part of this steering component that has to be regularly inspected. If the ball is loss in the socket, replacement is warranted.