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What are the signs of a bad timing cover gasket?

One of the most important things concerning your vehicle is to make sure that your engine oil is always serviced to the proper level. If you are consistently adding oil to your vehicles engine then there must be something that is causing this situation, such as worn or damaged gaskets that are leaking oil. The first sign of this is if you notice oil spots on your driveway or other places you park your car. The timing cover gasket is very often the cause of this and is sometimes hard to detect. A thorough inspection is the best way to determine if your gasket requires replacement. You should use an inspection light so you can check all around the cover looking for visible signs of leaks. If you discover that you have oil leaking from the cover it very important to correct this as soon as possible, because if the timing cover gasket is not replaced you will continue to lose oil from your vehicle's engine. The last thing anyone wants to do is to have to purchase a new motor for their car when the damage could have easily been prevented.

How important is your timing cover gasket to your engine?

New Timing Cover GasketsTiming cover gaskets can be composed of several different types of materials, such as rubber or cork gasket material. The manufacturer will often determine which material is best based on the application, specific details such as oil pressures, and even the type of oil recommended by the manufacturer. Different parts of an engine maintain different oil pressures and a high-performance motor has higher oil pressures and may benefit from a stronger timing cover gasket. Operating temperature is also an important factor to consider.

Get ready for a messy job.

If you take your vehicle to an automotive service shop to have the timing cover gasket replaced, get ready for a very expensive bill. Depending on the vehicle, this is normally something you can do yourself and it's really not that hard to do. The main thing is to give yourself plenty of room by removing any components that are obstructing your access to the timing cover. Once you have a clear path you remove the cover. It is very important to completing remove the old timing cover gasket and clean the surface of the cover the best you can. Then you apply the new gasket to the cover and install the cover making sure it's sealed correctly so it won't leak. Then you reinstall any components you had to remove. Make sure that your engine oil is serviced to the proper level before starting the engine. Always recheck the oil level after you check for leaks and let the vehicle cool down first.

We've got you covered.

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