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Pontiac Timing Overhaul Kit

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The exact contents of the Pontiac Timing Overhaul Kit for your engine are determined by just what is placed under the cover of this engine component. For most Pontiac engines, the timing kit only includes the two timing gears and the timing chain. For others this kit includes the tensioner and on select models, the cylinder head gaskets since the heads have to be removed for the timing chain to be replaced.

When working on a Pontiac engine and it is time to install the timing overhaul kit, it is best to know exactly what the process includes. On many of the older Pontiac engines the replacement of the timing chain is routine maintenance since many of these older models have been in service for decades. The more modern ones are different since they are constructed with more space limits incorporated to them that has complicated the process. This is why on some models the Pontiac timing kits include so many more components than just the timing chains and gears. It is why many owners of the newer models research the process of installing a timing kit in the service manual before proceeding with this process.

One thing that has never changed in the installation of the timing kit, independent of the model the process is being done on is that this is something that has to be completed on or near the 100,000 mile mark of the vehicle. This is a constant number and value immaterial of what year or model you have in your possession. The consequences of not proceeding with this procedure are also the same, the collision of valves into the pistons if the timing chain or belt jumps just one tooth.