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The torque converter is usually found on vehicles with an automatic transmission. This is a fluid coupling part that works to prevent slippage when shifting gears or starting from idle. There is an impeller, turbine and stator that work with the seals to make this part work. Packard and Borg-Warner were some of the earlier companies to experiment with the lockup type of this part and that has led to it becoming the industry standard for automatic transmissions today. If your vehicle is having trouble pulling away from a stop or is having trouble when upshifting or downshifting on the road, it may be an issue with the torque converter. It may overheat or seize when out on the road. Replacing this part will help improve acceleration and smoothness as a vehicle pulls away from a stop. It may only need seals or switches to be improved.

The torque converter is usually located between the flexplate and the transmission. Here are some general non-vehicle specific instructions on how to replace the part. Make sure that the transmission is in neutral. Jack or lift the vehicle off the ground giving yourself plenty of light and space to work. Loosen and remove the bolts that connect the part to the flywheel. The transmission will have to be supported and separated from the engine. Fill the new part with trans fluid and put the drivetrain back together. This is a complex job and should be left to a qualified mechanic.

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