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Transfer Case Control Module

Aftermarket & OEM Transfer Case Control Module

Do you turn the 4WD selector switch/button on your dash for 4WD and nothing happens? This can be due to a bad transfer case control module. The TCCM is responsible for processing the shift request from the selector switch, executing the shift and verifying that it was completed. If the transfer case control module finds a fault in the 4WD system, it will turn on a warning light or display a warning message in the Driver Information Center.

The transfer case control module is the brains of electronically controlled 4WD systems. It used the vehicle speed and the current transfer case mode to determine if the requested shift can be performed. If it is safe to complete the shift, it will activate the transfer case encoder motor and the front differential locking actuator as necessary. If the shift cannot be completed, the transfer case control module will cause the selector switch mode lights to flash for 30 seconds and then go off, indicating that the shift was not completed.

If you need to replace the transfer case control module because your vehicle will not shift in and out of 4WD here are a few basic steps. Location and removal process of part will vary between different vehicles. First thing you should do is disconnect the battery. The part is usually located under the dash on either the driver or passenger side. You might need to remove a dash panel in order to access it. Remove and screws or bolts holding into place and disconnect the wiring harnesses attached to it. At this point it is a good idea to check the wiring for any damage or corrosion and replace if necessary. Install the new the transfer case control in reverse order. Some modules are plug and play, while others might require you get programmed by a dealership.

A properly working transfer case control module helps ensure the safety of you and your passengers. It is programmed to determine if a shift request is safe to perform or not. When you purchase a part from Car Parts Discount, you know you are getting a high quality OEM or aftermarket part. So don't settle for anything less and give one of our customer representatives a call today!