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We all know that heat damages moving parts and that's why proper operating transmission oil coolers are so important. If your transmission is overheating there are several common indicators that will bring this issue to your attention. Normally, the hot transmission fluid will actually produce a noticeable smell that will alert you of a malfunction. If the cooler is defective early detection is vital to protect your transmission from obsessive wear or permanent damage due to overheating. If your transmission is hesitating when placed into gear the fluid level is normally low and could be caused by a leak in the assembly. If you discover that this device is leaking and requires replacement this needs to be a priority to prevent serious damage to the transmission. Coolers can also become plugged reducing or eliminating sufficient fluid flow for proper operation. Your transmission must retain an adequate and consistent flow of fluid to function correctly. Proper lubrication increases the integrity and the life span of your transmission and associated components. Oil coolers protect internal components of the transmission from failing and they must be properly maintained to accomplish this successfully.

Transmission oil coolers are constructed similar to an automotive radiator and the principle of operation is exactly the same. The cooler in normally mounted in front of the radiator sharing its airflow to cool transmission fluid as it circulates through it. Oil coolers were first incorporated on cars, trucks and SUV's designed for towing boats and trailers. The extra strain of towing caused transmissions to overheat and coolers reduce the temperature of the fluid to facilitate proper operation of the transmission. Increased efficiency was recognized and now almost every vehicle on the road is equipped with an oil cooler assembly.

Replacing a transmission oil cooler assembly varies depending on the type of automobile and may require some special tool to release pressure fittings on some vehicles. You must allow the car, truck, or SUV to cool down before beginning this process. Evaluate the connections and mounting procedures that were used for your specific situation. Use caution when removing the cooler lines and make sure you use the appropriate tools because damage can easily occur. Oil coolers commonly contain a lot of exposed fins that can cause injury so using gloves when removing it is recommended. The component is very fragile and fins can be damage reducing its effectiveness so it is essential to have adequate clearance when installing the new part. Make sure the new cooler is installed correctly and secured properly. Secure the lines carefully and hand -tighten first to insure they are not cross threaded because proper alignment is essential.

You can't put a price on how much you depend on your car, truck or SUV so when purchasing a transmission oil cooler you need to be selective and buy the best product you can. We all take pride in are automobiles and depend on them every day to get us and our families where we need to go to accomplish life's needs. Car Parts Discount is the best resource to acquire any car parts you need to insure your vehicle is dependable and safe to get you from point A to point B with no worries.