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How long does an automatic transmission filter last?

It is very easy to know when you have to change your automatic transmission filter. As long as you are performing regular maintenance on your vehicle, you should be changing the fluid according to the manufacturer's suggested intervals. But if you happen to notice that fluid is dirtier than normal the next time you change it, or if it gets dirty more quickly than it usually should, then it's likely the auto trans filter has become encumbered with dirt, debris, or tiny metal shavings. If this goes unchecked for too long, then it can cause problems when your transmission attempts to shift gears. Not enough transmission fluid in circulation means rougher metal-on-metal contact and stuttering valve movement during regular operation. This will exacerbate the problem by adding more sediment to the fluid and reducing its lubrication effectiveness even more. A clog will soon develop, and you'll see leaking fluid coming from your transmission pan. If there ever was a sign that it's time (and hopefully not too late) to change your ATF and automatic transmission filter, it would be then.

Why cars have transmission filters.

New Automatic Transmission FilterAutomatic transmissions first found their way onto vehicles in the US during the 1940's. They would be considered simple and rudimentary compared to today's transmissions, but still performed many of the same functions. The key player in all of these functions was the automatic transmission fluid (ATF), which acts as both the medium for the delivery of hydraulic power and as a lubricant for all the moving parts. Because the ATF is so vital to a transmission's functionality, an automatic transmission filter segregates any impurities found in the fluid as it is cycled through the filter medium. The most common auto trans filter medium used today is felt. This is considered a depth filter, and it stores particulates within the media rather than on its surface. That makes it more efficient and longer lasting than the older pulp or cellulose automatic transmission filters of the past.

When and how to change an automatic transmission filter.

Installing a replacement transmission filter is usually an easy task. It's rare, but some transmissions have either no service interval or can only be serviced by the manufacturer or dealer. Contact your dealership if you believe this to be the case. However, simple automatic transmission filter replacement consists of draining and collecting the existing transmission fluid, unbolting the pan, and removing the old filter. When you do this, make sure that the old suction O-ring is removed and a new one is installed over the suction port of your new automatic transmission filter. Once you have installed the new filter and pan, simply fill up on new fluid and you're good to go.

Why go to CPD and not the dealer?

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