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The Chevrolet Transmission Gaskets & Seals on your vehicle are in place to contain the many different fluids and pressurized area so they can be kept in place. Without them in place performing their duties, your engine and vehicle in general would literally leak like a sieve.

There are Chevrolet Transmission Gaskets & Seals on nearly all system on your vehicle from the front to the rear. Their ability to maintain separation on the task they have been deigned to contain is dependent on many factors. One of the leading factors that cause gaskets and seals to prematurely wear on a Chevrolet is when they are exposed to excessive heat being generated by one or more components on the vehicle. It is the additional heat that causes the joints that are sealed by the gaskets and seals to expand beyond the capabilities of them that causing the breaches which are the leaks of oil, gas and compression on your vehicle.

The most common location for a breach in the gaskets and seals is on the Chevrolet transmission. This is the place where the greatest fluctuation in temperature is generated on a constantly over time. The most common leak is one of oil. The second is that in the coolant system. When either of these area have a leak not only does it look bad, but the transmission will not be able to perform at its optimum level for an extended period of time.

The replacement of the leaking transmission gasket and seals on the engine and other components on your Chevrolet is the best way to ensure your vehicle not only looks good but will be able to function when called upon to do so.