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The multitude of Ford Transmission Gaskets and Seals that are present on your vehicle are made from a variety of materials. This way they can contain the fluids or compression areas as they were designed too without failing for the longest possible period of time.

The main reason there is a need for so many gaskets and seals in your transmission is due to all of the components it has on it that have to be joined together. While most of the gaskets and seals on your Ford only have one function, there are a few, like the head gasket, that has to keep separate three different systems. This is the coolant, oil and compression area in the joint between the engine block and the heads.

The Ford Transmission gaskets and seals not only have to hold in fluids and compression, but many of them also have to perform this function when the two auto parts they are sealing are expanding. This expansion is generally only for gaskets and seals that are located in, on or near the engine. As the engine heats up, the metal components expand which is movement. If the material the gasket and seals are made out of will not allow them to compensate for this expansion, then a breach will occur. This would not only adversely affect the operating of the vehicle, but also make a mess under the Ford.

The replacement of the gasket and seals should be of the same quality and like material as the originals. This will give the owner of the Ford the best possible chance of sealing the joints that need to remain closed to the outside environment.