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Aftermarket & OEM Transmission Repair & Overhaul Kit

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on a new automatic transmission, it is entirely possible that you could spend up to a couple hundred dollars and a few days rebuilding yours with a transmission repair kit. Embarking on this journey is no easy task, but if you are plagued with the problems of an old, worn-out automatic transmission then you are tired of missing shifts, not getting enough power to the wheels, and that annoying whining or grinding that you keep hearing from your gears. Sure, maybe the maintenance wasn't done at regular intervals. You or the previous owner might not have changed the transmission fluid or filter every 30,000 miles (or as recommended by the manufacturer). But transmission overhaul kits exist to rebuild and restore your transmission to its former glory and performance when it was new. Without fixing it, you are destined to waste time in the slow lane because you can't accelerate properly, and waste gas because your engine is working harder than your transmission.

The most advanced and complicated mechanical system in your car or truck today is the automatic transmission. Sure, it is controlled by a computer which means it is partially an electronic device. But between the torque converter, planetary gears, clutch and friction plates, hydraulic valve body and actuator, there are so may moving parts that it's a wonder how it was even invented... not to mention how a transmission overhaul kit can fix one. The first principal component is the torque converter which modulates the power generated by the engine to an amount that the transmission can handle at that time. From a dead stop, it reduces the power so that the transmission can get the wheels going in a low gear. From there on, it keeps everything moving smoothly. The next part is the gear set. These will change as your speed changes, so that your engine can reduce RPMs while increasing speed; maximizing efficiency. The changing of the gears is assisted by a series of clutch plates. The third most important component of your automatic transmission is the hydraulic valve body. It receives directions from the transmission control module, which tells it where to transfer hydraulic pressure so that gears can be changed at just the right time. Transmission repair and overhaul kits will include all new clutches and bands, fluid seals, and gaskets. Some will also include a new transmission fluid filter and a valve body gasket as well. Those are the parts that will wear out most frequently and commonly; most likely causing the problems you are experiencing.

When buying a new transmission repair kit, it is important to know how every part will install and that you are buying the correct one for your transmission. Car Parts Discount carries ATP transmission master repair kits that will have everything you need to restore your automatic transmission to perfect functionality. Our prices are second to none, and the shipping is lightning fast. That means you no longer have to wait to get your transmission fixed. A whole new driving experience is right around the corner.