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Some devices on are cars, trucks, or SUV's can provide multiple functions and a prime example of this is a transmission shaft speed sensor. If this component is defective then there can be several indications to bring this malfunction to your attention. If your speedometer is not operating correctly or possibly not at all then this component may be the cause of the issue. In most circumstances this situation may also prevent your cruise control system from functioning. The output of the transmission shaft speed sensor in also transmitted to the transmission control unit. When the transmission control unit does not receive an accurate input then the transmission will not operate appropriately. The vehicle may stick in low gear instead of shifting smoothly and this can present excessive wear to the transmission and other associated components. This situation will require the motor to work harder as well. Fuel consumption is also adversely affected if the shifting sequence is hesitated due to this condition. If this malfunction is not eliminated as soon as possible then a wide variety of components may be affected creating more extensive repair requirements. Early detection and replacement of a faulty transmission shaft speed sensor is essential to proper vehicle operation.

Transmission shaft speed sensors are mounted to the transmission housing and are basically a magnetic coil that monitors the gear movement. The output voltage of the sensor is proportional to the gear rotation speed. Depending on the vehicle it may have two speed sensors that monitor the input speed and output speed of the transmission. These signals are sent to various components to control how and when they function. Transmission shaft speed sensors facilitate the operation of speedometers, odometers, and the cruise control system. They also provide an input to transmission control units that control the sifting sequence of an automatic transmission.

The complexity level of removing and replacing a transmission shaft speed sensor depends on the drivetrain configuration of the car or truck you are working on. Front wheel drive vehicles may require the removal of several obstructions or components to facilitate this procedure. If the automobile has two sensors then the best practice would be to replace both of them. If one is defective then other one has a similar life span so this would be a good preventive maintenance option. You will need to place the vehicle on jack stands to allow enough ground clearance to safely complete this process. In most circumstances you will be required to drain the tranny fluid before removing the sensor. The mounting methods may vary; they are normally screwed into the transmission case and have one electrical connection. After you have installed the new transmission shaft speed sensor you will need to fill the tranny with fluid.

When selecting a replacement transmission shaft speed sensor it most meet OEM standards. Components that are associated with the proper operation of an automatic transmission are very important and must be the finest quality available. A smooth operating transmission is vital to provide a dependable mode of transportation for you and your family. Car Parts Discount is your one stop shop for any parts you require to complete preventive maintenance and repairs on all your vehicles. CPD has transmission shaft speed sensors and other quality OEM and aftermarket parts at the best prices possible.