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Aftermarket & OEM Transmission Shifter Cable

The transmission shifter cable transmits the position of the shifter that the driver selects to the automatic transmission. An automatic transmission self selects the gear that it wants the car to be in based on engine speed and throttle application while a manual transmission allows the driver to control the gear selection. The cable may snap or rot away as it ages making shifter from park to drive or to other gears impossible. If the cable snaps, shifter may become difficult or impossible meaning that you will not be able to drive the car. Many auto transmission cars will not start if it does not detect that the shifter is in park or neutral.

Automatic shifters were usually located on the steering column. Later they were moved onto the center console similar to manual shift cars. The automatic standard pattern became known as the PRNDL which stood for park, reverse, neutral, drive and low. There with many different shift gate patterns but they generally stuck to this design. The transmission shifter cables tend to be strong from braided steel often reinforced with rubber or plastic. It can be just inches to several feet long depending on the vehicle and application. It has to run the length from the shifter to the transmission and provide some slack between the two.

Removing and installing a transmission shifter cable is best for a qualified mechanic. Here are some basic instructions on how to change one. Carefully check the application of the part that it is for your make, model, engine and transmission. They are often listed by measurement, so if possible measure the one on your vehicle to ensure that you are ordering the correct part. Be sure to lift and properly secure the car. Disconnect the battery. Locate the cable and remove it with the clips that hold it in. Replace the new cable.

Car Parts Discount strives to bring you excellent customer service and low prices with a great selection of transmission shifter cables. We carry respected brands in cables such ATP and Dorman. Also check out our other transmission and drive-train parts for your truck or car. The transmission sends power to the wheels so make sure it has all the parts is needs to function properly.