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Aftermarket & OEM Trunk Lid Lift Support Strut

Having to load and unload items from your trunk or hatch back is extremely difficult without properly working trunk lid lift dampers. These are the parts that look like small shock absorbers that are located at the rear of your trunk lid. When they are new and working the way they should, at full extension length they will support the weight of your trunk lid with no problem. But if they are leaking oil or lost their charge, then their ability to hold your trunk lid up will simply go away. That means you'll be doomed to an eternity of either using one hand at a time to retrieve all your cargo while the other holds up your deck lid OR trying to pull things out with both hands faster than your lid falls. But a broken trunk lid support strut doesn't have to stay on your car for an eternity. It can be replaced.

Up until the 1960s, most all rear deck lids were held up by a pair of hinges connected to torsion rods or springs. While these proved to be very durable parts, they were heavy and difficult to replace if necessary. Small monotube shocks called trunk lid (or rear hatch) lift supports were soon employed to perform this task on compact cars in Europe and Japan; saving the automakers money on production costs and lowering overall vehicle weights. Not to mention these could be swapped out in a matter of minutes. By the 1980s, only full sized sedans still used hinge springs or torsion bars over trunk lid lift struts. Today, trunk hinges are now almost all universally supported by dampers.

Again, installation of a lift support is fairly straight forward for these parts. The ends usually use a ball stud and socket design to connect to the body of the car, and the same to connect to the deck lid. It is possible that your application may use a bolt and bushing on one of those ends. But either way, trunk lid strut installation degree of difficulty is a 1 of 5.

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