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If you own a vehicle equipped with a turbocharger and intercooler assembly and it has a sudden loss of power, then it is probably malfunctioning. Depending on the actual defect you could possibly have exhaust fumes being omitted from this device into your engine compartment; which is not safe. You can also have fuel build up in the fuel system because it isn't receiving enough air to burn it efficiently. This may also cause it to run rich and even leak gas from the tailpipe. If your engine is set up to be turbocharged and it is not functioning properly, then your engine may not run at all or it can cause extensive damage to the motor and other components if not running properly. Boost leaks or creeps will also create inconsistencies in combustion, fuel economy, power loss, etc. All engines are designed to perform at specific fuel and air mixture and in this application the turbocharger and intercooler supplies the air to be mixed with the fuel. This makes your vehicle unsafe if you have unused fuel with nowhere to go. Replacement of faulty turbochargers is essential for your safety because if you have exhaust fumes or gas where it is not intended to be it can create very dangerous issues.

A turbocharger works similar to a jet engine; by using a small the engines exhaust to spin a turbine wheel to compress the air that's coming from the intake. Basic chemistry says that when pressure increases then heat increases proportionally causing expansion. That is the purpose of the intercooler; which works similar to a radiator by cooling the air down before it enters the intake manifold. More air available allows the engine to consume more fuel and this produces more horsepower. An engine equipped with a turbocharger and intercooler assembly has the ability to put out hundreds more horsepower than the same motor not equipped with this device.

The replacement of turbocharger and intercooler assemblies varies a lot depending on the vehicle and also whether it is factory equipment or an add-on; which is very popular. One thing that eases the pain is that the turbocharger is normally located on the upper end of the engine providing easier access than some components. Intercoolers are normally located in front near the radiator to capture air for cooling. Once you locate these components you just need to carefully remove them using the proper tools. They are attached to facilitate their operation and some are mounted using a flange plate to bolt them to an air plenum and others have mounting brackets and air tubes or hoses. You should analyze the situation and apply the required removal and replacement procedures that best fit the vehicle you're specifically working on. The main thing is to secure everything properly to allow proper operation of these devices.

Turbocharger and intercoolers enhance your car or trucks performance so they need to be the top products available to insure they function properly. If you want to upgrade your existing motor not yet equipped with a turbocharger there are several add-on kits available to accomplish this. Car Parts Discount has several options for you to choose from if you are replacing existing turbochargers and intercooler assemblies or considering an upgrade.