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The replacement Acura valve cover gaskets and seals are not the same as used years ago. No longer does a simple cork gasket fulfill the required function of this auto part. Today's gaskets and seals are designed for a longer life and made out of a polymer so they can withstand the heat and effects of exposure to oil on a constant basis better than cork. A failure of this valve cover gasket and seals is the most common reason an engine is covered with oil and debris. For each different Acura model there is the correct valve cover gasket and seals available which are made to original manufacturer specifications. Most of the valve cover gasket and seals come in a kit that not only include the gasket that lines the outside of the cover itself, but there are also grommets for the values, spark plug tube seals, cam bore plugs and valve cover bolt seals. All of bolts in place torqued correctly and in proper working condition are required to help keep the oil in the engine and the dirt out of it. The proper torquing of the valve cover gasket and seals in place is simple. An example is when a mechanic torques down a head, the tightening begins on the inside bolts or ones closes to the center working his way out alternating from one side to the other and end. This allows for the Acura valve cover gaskets and seals to be evenly put into place and the best possible seal is formed. There are a total of 187 different set of this sealing device made for Acura models currently on the road. The specifications set by the engineers at the factory are tested to help give this part a long life. This way your replacement valve cover gasket and seals will help keeps your Acura engine looking good when you raise your hood.