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The replacement of Dodge valve cover gaskets and seals is an inevitable repair if you intend on keeping your car or truck for longer than 150,000 miles, because the material holding the oil in the engine will wear out over time due to the heat the engine produces. Excessive oil coming from failing valve cover gaskets on the newer Dodges can damage the many sensors causing them to fail. If the main valve cover gasket and/or grommets are beginning to leak, the Dodge owner will smell the burning oil on their hot engine in many instances. They can replace these auto parts if they can remember where all of the parts on top of the cover connect too. In the past, most Dodge engines were much simpler and this repair procedure was nearly always done by the owner. The introduction of the onboard computer with all of the sensors has changed this. Today you can purchase the Dodge valve cover gasket and seals as a kit. There are also many of them you can buy individually. By purchasing the kit, you know you will have all of the right parts when disassembling the top of your motor and its comes time to reassemble. When replacing the seals most mechanics use a small amount of lubricant or oil to help them slide into place. This can be oil but spit is more common. As for replacing the valve cover gasket and seals, one major word of precaution should be followed. Never over tighten the bolts or connections. By following the torque specifications for the connections you will ensure the new valve cover gaskets will not be smashed in the process of being put into place. If this occurs you will have to repeat those procedure because with each split in the gasket material will appear a new oil leak.