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The function of the Ford valve cover gaskets and seals is to keep the oil in the engine so the outside of it is clean. The biggest problem with leaking oil is that it attracts dirt which can interfere with the functioning of the many components, solenoids, and sensors on a modern engine. By replacing the valve cover gasket and seals when an oil leak occurs, the entire engine will be able to be clean of this oily, dirty residue. In the past, the most common reason for the use of a new valve cover gasket was to be used when the valves were periodically adjusted. With the introduction of the hydraulic lifters, this is no longer a periodical maintenance procedure on a Ford engine. Today the Ford valve cover gasket and seals are replaced only when the heads of the engine are removed or there is an oil leak from it. On rare occasions the valve cover gaskets are also used to reseal this auto part when the oil galleys have to be cleared. When a Ford owner does not change the oil at regular intervals, the galleys, pathways for the oil to return to the sump become clogged leaving the oil on top of the heads causing an oil leak in many instances. Once these pathways are cleared, the component has to be resealed. When replacing the valve cover gasket and grommets on your Ford engine remember the maximum amount of torque you can apply to the blots is not necessary and will cause damage to the new seal. If care is not taken not to smash the new gasket, it will become split and a new oil leak will be the result.