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Helping to keep your engine looking new are your Hyundai valve cover gaskets and seals. They are located on the upper most section of the engine and any leak of oil from them will run down the entire engine collecting dust and dirt as it goes. The sets that contain the Hyundai valve cover gasket and seals are more inclusive than those from the past. This makes it possible to totally seal this area of the engine so absolutely no oil is leaking down the Hyundai engine. This will help to prolong the life expectancy of all the sensors and wires on the lower portion of the engine. With the need to place more components in a tight space, the replacement of the valve cover gasket and spark plug seals is not as straight forward as in the past. A partial disassembly of other components on the top of the motor will be required to give you access to this section of the engine. When replacing the valve cover gasket and spark plug seals, make sure all of the old gasket material is removed. If even a tiny part of the old gasket is left on the surface, it will cause a future oil leaks on your Hyundai engine. Make sure none of the old valve cover gasket material remains in the engine because it might clog the oil galleys and interfere with the lubrication of the engine. When it comes time to reassemble the top of your Hyundai engine with the new valve cover gaskets and seals, take your time. Placing them in the correct position is vitally important. You should also follow the torque specifications when tightening down the bolts. It is possible to smash the new gaskets, which in turn will cause a leak requiring you to redo this procedure again.