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When your vehicle has a leaking Kia Valve Cover Gasket, the entire engine block below it will be covered with oil. This is more than just an embarrassment for the owner of a Kia. The oil leaking from the valve cover seals will be continuous and the many sensors on the engine along with the polymer components will be adversely effected causing them to prematurely wear.

Many Kia owners that have a leaking valve cover gasket just add oil on a continuous basis. This causes the problem to just increase over time. There is also the misconception that with the addition of new oil continuously, the routine oil change does not need to be performed on their vehicle. This assumption will cause the engine to wear out before its time.

Fortunately the replacement of the gasket and seals is a very simple procedure to accomplish that can be done in less than an hour by most people. The most difficult part of this repair procedure is removing the accessories that cross over the valve cover. Once they are removed, the gasket and seals can be removed. All of the old valve cove r gasket must be removed from both the engine block and the valve cover itself. This is the only way for the new seal of the gasket between this joining of components is possible. If even the smallest amount of oil or gasket material is left on this joint, a new leak will develop there and the repair procedure will have to be repeated.

The replacement of the Kia valve cover seals are in reference to the seals on the bolts and the other components that are attached to it like the PVC valve. These seals on your Kia are just as important as the main gasket for holding in the oil.