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The Lexus Valve Cover Gasket and valve cover seal are two of the components on your engine that not only server a vital purpose of contain the oil inside of the engine, but also help the motor to look better. The valve cover gasket is the upper most barrier on your engine that if it were to develop a leak, the entire engine below it would be exposed to the oil from the Lexus engine.

If the Lexus valve cover seals and gasket were permitted to leak for any period of time and go unchecked, the other components on your engine will be negatively affected. Being exposed to oil shortens the life of the spark plug wires and the many sensors on the engine block that a leaking oil seal will cause.

As part of the proper care of a Lexus includes the engine compartment in keeping the exterior of the engine clean of oil. Luckily the valve cover gaskets and valve cover seals are easy to replace if they have a rupture in them and begin to leak oil on the rest of the engine. The most complicated part of this maintenance procedure is the removal of the other accessories and components that run across the top of it so access to the top of the valve head is possible. This not only makes removing the valve cover easier, but makes cleaning the surfaces easier and more complete. If just one small part of the old gasket is left behind, a new oil leak will form in that section causing this repair procedure to be carried out again. That is an undesirable situation for any Lexus owner to be in.