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The ability of the Pontiac Valve Cover Gaskets to contain the engine oil in its place protects the other engine components from the damaging effects of being covered with oil.

The valve cover seal is the upper most oil containment device on your Pontiac engine. If a leak occurs here, the entire engine then has the potential of being covered with this lubricant. Oil not only lubricates metal components but it also causes other components to become gummed up and not be able to function properly, especially electronic components. This is the hazard of having leaking Pontiac valve cover gaskets on your engine what occurs to components below this seal.

The sealing of the valve cover gasket requires the top cover of the engine to be pulled off. To accomplish this on the newer Pontiac engines, all of the accessories that cross over the valve cover must first be removed. Some owners attempt to speed up the sealing process by not removing all of the accessories, but in the long haul, this just slows the process down since the areas where the new valve cover seals will be placed cannot always be properly cleaned and prepared for the new seal to be laid into place.

If the place where either the gaskets or the seals is not thoroughly cleaned of the old material before the new one is put into place, a new leak of oil will occur at that place every time. Because of this, no short cuts should be taken when it comes to repairing an oil leak on your Pontiac engine. Attention to detail is required for this to be done right the first time.