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The ability to hold back the oil is why the Volkswagen Valve Cover Gaskets and Seals are not only in place, but why they have to be replaced when they fail. These are the sealing components that are on the upper most section of the engine. If there is a rupture in the valve cover gaskets and seals, the mess they will make will cover the entire engine as the oil drips down.

Not only does a leaking valve cover gasket and seals provide for a dirty looking engine, but the oil covers the other components on the engine. This has a negative effect on how they can properly function, especially the many sensors and wires on your Volkswagen engine. This interference can cause the engine not to perform as it was designed too by decreasing the fuel mileage and power.

The replacing of the Volkswagen valve cover gasket and seals can be done by the owner of the vehicle with a very limited tool set. The most critical part of this repair procedure is the removal of all the old gasket material. With all of the old material and oil gone, the new valve cover gasket and seals can be put into place so a fresh barrier can be established to hold in the oil in your Volkswagen engine.

When it is time to torque down the new valve cover gasket and seals, follow the same type of pattern as down to the heads on a Volkswagen engine. This is with a crossing pattern starting from the center most bolts. This is the best possible way of establishing this new barrier in the most even way possible. Be careful not to over torque the bolts or it will cause a new rupture ion the gasket material.