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The emission system in your vehicle is essential to the proper engine performance, and the vapor canister purge solenoid valve is a device that is vital to emission system operation. If this component is malfunctioning, fuel vapors are allowed to build up within the system and cause damage to other components. If you notice that your fuel consumption has increased or you smell fuel vapors coming from the engine compartment, this is an indicator that it may be defective. When you remove the gas cap to add fuel and a larger amount of pressure is expelled than normal, then this is a sign that fuel vapor is excessive and you have an issue that must be corrected. Trapped fuel vapor can present a situation that is not safe because it needs to be released, and it helps fuel economy by being combusted by the motor. Vapor canister purge valves open to direct this vapor into the intake where it is burned off with the existing fuel and air using less fuel. If not replaced through early detection, then other emission components like the charcoal canister and check valves within the system could malfunction and encounter damage.

To replace the canister purge solenoid, you need to first determine its location and that can be easily accomplished. Follow the line or tube from the charcoal canister and it will lead you to the solenoid valve, normally mounted in the vicinity of the engine's intake. Depending on the automobile you're working on, it may be buried under a wide variety of different components. You will have to remove all obstructions to be able to access it and remove it. When disconnecting the electrical connection use care that you do not damage the retaining clips that secure it. The canister purge solenoid valve can be mounted in a lot of different fashions depending on its design and specific application. Some are mounted directly to the fuel inlet with just an electrical connector and inlet hose and others may be mounted to a bracket and utilize an inlet and outlet hose.