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Vapor Canister Vent Solenoid Valve

Aftermarket & OEM Vapor Canister Vent Solenoid Valve

The vapor canister vent solenoid is an electrically controlled valve that opens and closes as vapors increase or decrease in the emissions system. Depending on what make or model car, truck or SUV you own determines how this is accomplished. It also depends on the mechanical design of the solenoid itself. Some of these valves may require power to be applied to open them and others may require power to be applied to close them. Either way they complete the same task to release the fuel vapors and direct them to the intake for combustion. This provides a safe way to eliminate this vapor and enhance fuel consumption.

Quality emission parts are essential to engine operation and performance, and the vapor canister vent purge solenoid valve is not exempt. When acquiring replacement parts for an emissions orientated operation, they must meet all OEM specifications. Some states require emissions test to tag your vehicle and operate it on their roads. Car Parts Discount offers reliable OEM parts that ensure that canister vent valves and other automotive parts meet or exceed these expectations. CPD is a name you can rely on and our service is second to none.