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A fuel vapor canister is part of your car or trucks evaporative emission control (EEC) system and is meant to lower the emissions released out into the atmosphere by your automobile. The canister is filled with charcoal which is why it is also called a charcoal canister. It is rare for this part to fail or go bad but a reason you might need to replace it is if it happens to get damaged. A crack in the fuel vapor canister will result in harmful fuel vapors leaking into the atmosphere and a strong smell of gas coming from your vehicle.

After some studies conducted done by the US government in the 1960's concluded that a significant amount of air pollution was caused by automobiles, the government began to impose new federal emission regulations. Automobile manufacturers introduced the evaporative emission control system in the 1970's to comply with the new regulations. The vapor canister is a part of this system and is a round or rectangular container filled with activated charcoal. The evaporative fumes that are released from the fuel in the gas tank get routed to the container, where the charcoal absorbs and stores the vapor. Once you start the car and it has warmed up to an appropriate temperature, a purge valve releases the vapors into the engine where they are burned. Under normal circumstance the vapor canister should last the life of the vehicle and should require any maintenance.

If you do find yourself in a situation that requires you to replace the charcoal canister, there are a few different places it can be installed at, depending on the vehicle. On older vehicles the canister is usually somewhere in the engine compartment or behind a rear quarter panel. On newer model vehicles it can be installed on top of the gas tank which makes more difficult to get to. If you have a vehicle where the part is not on top of the gas tank you can save some money by replacing it yourself. Besides removing some screws or bolts to remove the vapor canister, you will need to carefully disconnect some vacuum lines and a wiring harness. When re-installing the new part, be sure everything is properly re-attached and secure.

A properly working evaporative emission control system makes for a cleaner burning engine and better environment for all of us. Car Parts Discount has the parts to help you keep your car running at it best. Whether you're looking for a fuel vapor canister, purge valve solenoid or vented gas cap you can be confident that we have it. You won't find a larger selection of parts from reputable brands anywhere else. Give one of our helpful customer representatives a call so we can get your new vapor canister on its way to you today.