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Variable Valve Timing Sprocket

Aftermarket & OEM Variable Valve Timing Sprocket

If the motor in your car, truck, or SUV has lost its get up and go, this condition could be due to a worn or defective variable valve timing sprocket. This malfunction can present itself in several different protocols based on the specific nature of the defect. The most common indicator is poor performance due to the timing system not advancing based on variable load conditions. This device establishes the ignition timing and adjusts the timing settings. You will also notice a noticeable increase in fuel consumption. A defective variable valve timing sprocket must be replaced as soon as possible to avoid more extensive repair requirements. The cylinder head, valves, or timing change may fail if this condition is allowed to progress.

A variable valve timing sprocket works in conjunction with a cam phaser assembly to advance timing settings to improve the performance level of an engine. This process is similar to the operation of a vacuum advance on steroids increasing the overall horse power an engine is capable of producing. The phaser will adjust the sprocket setting and can advance the timing as much as 20 degrees based on load variations. This concept was first incorporated on sports cars in the early 1990's and was then incorporated into engines manufactured in the United States.