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Aftermarket & OEM Washer Fluid Level Sensor

Maintaining a clean windshield on your car, truck, or SUV is very important and a device that plays a key role in accomplishing this process is the washer fluid level sensor. If you don't have a visual warning that the fluid level is low you can lose ability to use this essential component unexpectedly. We rely on these devices to function to remove debris from the windshield during vehicle operation. Visual obstructions hinder your ability to safely operate the automobile making it essential to correct this malfunction as soon as possible. You never know when you will be required to utilize this device because weather conditions can change very rapidly without warning. It is very important to maintain the washer fluid level appropriately at all times.

A washer fluid level sensor establishes a visual indication to alert you to a low fluid level condition being present. They are designed to open or close an electrical circuit to illuminate a warning light on the dashboard so the reservoir can be serviced prior to the fluid being depleted. They accomplish this by incorporating a float device that controls an electrical switch at predetermined levels. Depending on the configuration incorporated the switch can complete a ground circuit or a power circuit. The device may be required to close or open to complete the electrical connection to turn the warning light on.

The difficulty level for replacing a washer fluid level sensor can vary from one extreme to another based on the location of the washer fluid reservoir. You may be required to remove several obstacles or components to access this component. In most situations you will have to remove the tank to remove and replace this device easily. During the installation process a tight seal is essential to prevent leaks.

When procuring a replacement washer fluid sensor it is very important to purchase a product that you can trust to function appropriately. This component must be specially designed to fit the reservoir and operate smoothly. Car Parts Discount has a huge selection of OEM and aftermarket components to successfully complete any repair requirement. They only stock the best quality products available at the best prices available.