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Aftermarket & OEM Washers

Some car parts are unique to the automotive world and are used on a wide variety of other consumer goods. This includes bolts, screws, nuts and washers. These tend to act as the glue to hold the car together. The washer is a thin wafer shaped metal piece with a small hole in the center of it. They are usually silver and made of metal but can also be made of plastic. They are generally very small but can be a few inches in diameter. A car may have many of them used in all kinds of positions such as a spacer, load distributor, vibration reducer or as a locking device. They can also be a big help in preventing corrosion. The washer goes back many centuries in design and has been used in many building and mechanical applications. They may be standardized pieces or ones that are specifically designed to work on your particular car or truck. They are popular to replace whenever a major repair or rebuild is being done to the vehicle. They can often rust or break so it is important to replace them as soon as possible. If they do break it may allow bolts or screw to eventually come loose and cause more damage to the parts on the car.

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