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The Nissan wheel bearings are similar to what is used on other makes of vehicles, but are meant to be installed specifically on the vehicles they are designated for. Most owners of Nissan cars and trucks know of their existence but have rarely, if ever, seen one. The wheel bearings on a Nissan are only taken apart when they are being packed with new grease. This periodic maintenance procedure is done during a routine brake job. These wheel bearings are on both drum and disc type of braking system located on the wheel assembling of this make of vehicle. With the retaining nut taken off, both roller wheel bearings can be removed from the wheel hub. There is an inner and outer bearing for each of the front wheels. Each one is then packed with grease. This can be accomplished with a special press or can be easily done by hand. All of the old grease should be removed from the recesses the bearing fit into. The smaller end of the bearing is what should be facing towards the inner shaft when they are put into place. With the wheel bearings in place, the retaining nut is then torque back down. This is the critical point of this procedure. The nut should be torque down by hand then with a wrench turned about a 1/4 turn. If too much pressure is exerted on this nut the bearings will be smashed and not able to perform it job of reducing the level of friction when the wheel is turning. The rear Nissan wheel bearings are lubricated by the gear oil from the rear differential (if the car or truck is rear-wheel drive). Access to them is difficult, so only if they are suspected of failing are they inspected and removed from your Nissan vehicle.