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The little Buick Wheel Lug Nut has one of the most important jobs on your vehicle. If it were not for the round wheels mounted on your Buick, it would not be able to roll down the road. It is the wheel lug nuts that hold the wheels in place no matter what speed the vehicle is traveling.

On Buick vehicles there are either 4 or 5 wheel lug nuts holding each of the four wheels in place. Each one has to be firmly in place so the pressure holding the wheel while it is rotating can be accomplished. This is accomplished by having the recommended torque level being placed on each of the Buick wheel lug nuts when they are mounted.

If at any time one or more of the wheel lug nuts become lose and or fall off the vehicle, it should be immediately replaced. If that is not done, the mounting of the wheel to the vehicle could become unbalanced and the wheel could work it way lose and maybe even fall off. That would be an especially dangerous event if the vehicle is moving down the road.

If by chance the wheel lug nuts are torque in the studs with too great a force, the studs could snap off. If this happens on your Buick it is highly advisable for a replacement stud to be put into place before the vehicle is placed in an operational status. This is considered a safety precaution that is some time ignored by operators of a vehicle. The biggest danger is if an obstruction is hit by the wheel with the missing lug nut and it loosens the remaining nuts. The wheel will then work its way off and strand the occupants of the vehicle where it occurs.