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There are five Cadillac Wheel Lug Nuts on almost all models made that roll off the production line. This number of hold down points for a wheel has been determined to be the best way to secure the fast rotating tires in place on your Cadillac.

Each of the wheel lug nuts is torque down to a specific load so the pressure exerted on the surface of the wheel is even distributed over the contact area. If for some reason just one of the Cadillac wheel lug nuts becomes lose, it should be retightened immediately. The danger to the vehicle and passengers is that the wheel could vibrate loosening up the remaining wheel lug nuts causing the wheel to no longer be in contact with the vehicle.

Most repair shops use an air gun to place the torque on the wheel lug nuts when mounting the wheel into place on a Cadillac. This type of tool has a preset level of torque that is generally close to what is recommended. As the lug studs age they become more brittle. If the torque used on the mounting of the wheel is near the upper limit of this specification, the stud could snap off. If this does occur, it has to be replaced so the wheel will not vibrate off causing damage to the vehicle.

The wheel lug nuts can also be damaged if the person mounting the wheels is not carful and they cross thread the lugs on the wheel studs. The nut might appear to be held snugly in place, but that is an illusion. When any level of stress is exerted against the cross threaded nut, it will loosen up causing a vibration to occur in the rotating wheel that is on the Cadillac.