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The simple little Chevrolet Wheel Lug Nuts are so important on your vehicle. These are the hold down devices used to mount the wheels to the vehicle so it can roll down the road.

There are either 4 or 5 wheel lug nuts on Chevrolet cars and pickup trucks. For the larger trucks they can have upwards of 8 or more depending on the weight classification of the truck. Independent of how many are suppose to be used, there must be a wheel lug nut on every wheel stud that the wheel was designed to have.

All of the Chevrolet wheel lug nuts have normal threads in them. This is to say they are tightened into place by tuning them in a clockwise rotation. This mounting of the wheel lug nuts has to be correctly without the stripping or cross threading of the threads on the wheel stud so a firm hold down of the wheel can be accomplished on your Chevrolet.

The positioning of the wheel lug nuts on the wheel studs is set by the factory. Their placement around the wheel hub is set. This pattern was established to be the best way to hold an even amount of pressure on the entire surface of the wheel against the wheel hub. This will help to prevent any possibility of a vibration occurring when the vehicle is rolling down the road.

If just one of the lug nuts on your Chevrolet becomes loose, it has to be tightened up immediately. If one is missing, it should be replaced before the vehicle is used to any extent. This is a safety precaution to help make sure the wheel does not cause a vibration making the other nuts become loose.