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The history of the Chrysler wheel lug nut is more unusual than that of most other car manufacturers in America. As recently as the 1960s, the Chrysler wheel lug nuts were both standard threaded and reverse threaded in their configuration. The reason for the different thread patterns was that it was considered a safety feature. It was thought that by having reverse threaded wheel lug nuts on Chrysler vehicles, they could not accidently come off under the load of the wheel turning. Over time it was determined that this safety feature was no longer required because the loads placed on the wheels was insufficient to make the wheel lug nuts become loose if they were properly torqued down. Today, all of the wheel lug nuts used by Chrysler have a standard thread pattern in them. This is to say they are torque down by turning them in a clockwise rotational pattern. The main difference in what is being used is the inside diameter of the many nuts being placed on vehicles at Chrysler and the number of nuts used per wheel. For most of the passenger vehicles there are only 4 or 5 nuts used to firmly hold each of the wheels in place. On the minivans and SUVs made by this vehicle manufacturer, the number of nuts on each wheel increases as the weight of the vehicle increases. On every wheel assembly the wheel studs are evenly spaced around the wheel hub so the pressure being applied by the wheel lug nut is evenly distributed. Because of this, if even one of the nuts becomes loose or is missing a replacement should be put into its place. This will prevent any chance of the wheel becoming loose from vibrating excessively.