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The spacing of the Dodge wheel lug nuts on the surface of the wheel is by design to keep the wheel in place no matter how fast the vehicle is going over smooth or rough terrain. This spacing is to accommodate the 4 to 8 different wheel lug nuts that are mounted on the wheel studs holding the wheel in place on all Dodge vehicles. In the past Dodge has placed wheel lug nuts on their vehicles that were both threaded in a standard fashion and with reverse threading. That is no longer the situation and it does not matter what side of the vehicle the nuts are located on they can be transferred to the other side if necessary. The shape of the Dodge wheel lug nut is beveled on one side. This is the side that is facing the wheel so it can be tightened down and a small portion of it can go through the wheel itself. This shape is different than a standard nut that is flat on both sides which cannot be used to hold a wheel in place on a vehicle. When tightening down the wheel lug nuts a cross or star pattern should be done. This will make it possible to pull the wheel tightly against the wheel hub in the best possible fashion. If the Dodge owner or technician just tightens the wheel lug nuts in a circular pattern around the hub, the wheel might not be flat against the surface. This could cause the wheel to become lose since the nuts will not be fully in place. If that occurs the wheel could come off while the vehicle is in motion.