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The beveled edge of the Ford Wheel Lug Nut is the side that is placed against the wheel. With the wheel lug nut in this position, it will fit into the opening on the wheel for a more secure placement that makes it possible to keep the rotating wheel in place.

The Ford wheel lug nut's shape is unique for a locking mechanism on your vehicle. Under no circumstances should another type of nut be used to lock down the wheel on your Ford. It is its unique shape that makes it the perfect tool to keep the wheel on the hub of your vehicle no matter how fast it is moving down the road.

On all Ford passenger vehicles there are either 4 or 5 wheel lug nuts on each wheel. The number of wheel lugs nuts used on each vehicle is determined by the overall weight of the vehicle. This way the wheels will be securely held on the vehicles so they can withstand any condition they might encounter on the road.

If for some reason one of the Ford wheel lug nuts becomes loose and falls off, it should be replaced as soon as possible. If the owner or driver of the vehicle fails to do so then the possibility of the wheel vibrating and become lose has just increased.

When mounting the wheels, the wheel lug nuts on your Ford should all be placed on the studs to finger tight, then in a crisscross pattern torques them down to the correct specification should occur. This is the only way for the technician to know the wheel has been firmly placed on the hub so there is no possibility to the wheel vibrating loose when the vehicle is rolling down the road.