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The number of GMC Wheel Lug Nuts that are on your vehicle is determined by the weight classification of the truck. The greater the weight of the GMC truck, the more wheel lug nuts are used to secure the wheels in place.

The shape of the wheel lug nuts are the same as used on passenger vehicles. The biggest difference is that the GMC wheel lug nuts that are used are on larger wheel studs which make the nuts larger in size and diameter. The bevel shape at the end that makes direct contact with the wheel is still present. It still helps to serve the purpose of holding the wheel in the correct place so no vibration will occur when the wheel is rotating.

For most of the wheel lug nuts, they are not generally damaged over the lifetime of the GMC vehicle. The most common way they are damaged is when the wheel is being mounted and the wheel lug nut is cross threaded when the technician is placing it on the wheel stud. When this occurs the nut will not be secured on the wheel stud and both should then be replaced before the truck is permitted to return to service. If a cross threaded nut is not noticed, it will become lose and fall off of the truck while it is in motion. This situation will increase the chances of the truck developing a vibration in the wheel.

This is one of the reasons most GMC truck owners and operators will walk around their vehicle before they get inside of it. This is to ensure all of the lug nuts are present on the wheels so none of them have a chance of falling off of the vehicle when it is moving done the road. By the placement of the GMC Wheel Lug Nut slightly inside of the wheel itself it acts just like a lock washer. This is made possible because of the beveled edge of the wheel lug nut on your GMC truck.

The wheel lug nut is mounted on wheel lug stud. These studs are also special in the way they were designed. They are hammered into the wheel hub in a fashion so they cannot turn even when the wheel lug nuts are being torque down during the wheel mounting on a vehicle. This provides for a secure placement of the wheels so they do not come lose when the GMC truck is moving down the highway.

Each one of these wheel studs and lug nuts are made of hardened steel which makes it possible for them to withstand the amount of pressure exerted on them when a wheel experiences an obstacle on the road and still remain in place and intact. To help prevent the wheels from vibrating lose, the wheel lug nuts and studs are symmetrically placed around the center of the wheel hub. For the smaller GMC trucks they only have 5 studs and nuts holding them in place. As the weight of the truck increases, so do the number of nuts and studs holding the wheel securely to the vehicle. The size of the nuts and studs also increase as the weight of the truck increases.

If during a walk around inspection of the vehicle and just one of the GMC wheel lug nuts is loose or is missing , it should be replaced or tightened before the truck should be considered ready for service. This is a safety precaution that should be adhered too.