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It is the shape of the Honda Wheel Lug Nut that makes this holding and locking mechanism unique on your vehicle. The shape is six sided so a socket or wrench can be used to loosen or tighten it with threads in the hole that runs through it. The unique side of the wheel lug nut on your Honda is the beveled end that is formed around one end of it where the threads are located.

This beveled edge is formed so the end of the wheel lug nut can just slightly be positioned inside of the opening on the wheel itself. This is a better way of mounting this securing device since not only the torque of how the nut was put into place will hold it in position but also the weight of the vehicle.

The other side of the Honda wheel lug nut is like all others being a flat surface. With this knowledge the person placing the wheel in place should know which way to put the wheel lug nut on the wheel stud so the nut will be held firmly into place.

The placement of the wheel lug nuts on the studs around the wheel hub is designed so they can stand fast and still not be affected by an impact from an obstruction on the road. This is why the pattern is symmetrical so an even distribution of pressure can be applied to the wheel by all of the nuts holding it in place on your Honda. It is also why it is very important to have all of the lug nuts in place each and every time your Honda is taken out on the road.