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There are five Jeep Wheel Lug Nuts on all vehicles of this manufacturer that have ever rolled off of the assembly line. They are torqued down to the five studs located on the wheel hubs on all four corners of the vehicle.

The shape of the wheel lug nuts must be noted by the person placing them on the Jeep wheel studs so they can be mounted correctly. There is a flat side of the wheel lug nut that should be facing outwards away from the wheel. The bevel side is the surface that should come in direct contact with the wheels surface. This is the way they were designed to firmly be inserted into the wheel slightly so it can be properly aligned on the wheel hub.

The most common way the Jeep wheel lug nuts are damaged is when they are being placed on the studs of your vehicle. If for any reason they are cross threaded in this procedure, the wheel lug nuts and the studs have to be replaced before the Jeep is returned to active service. If this recommendation is ignored, then the wheel will no longer be securely held on the wheel hub and could develop a vibration. This vibration will loosen the other lug nuts causing the wheel to become disengaged from the hub.

The replacing of the wheel lug nuts and studs is a very inexpensive procedure. It will require a little bit of time, but by having all four wheels securely mounted on your vehicle, you can venture out onto the road with no worries of losing a wheel in the process. This way the driver and passenger of your Jeep will not become unexpectedly stranded on or off the road.