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With an ability to lock itself in place the Mazda Wheel Lug Nut can keep your wheels on your vehicle securely so there are no worries by the owner when they are traveling down the highway.

The wheel lug nuts are placed in the wheel studs that are fitted to the wheel hub. Most Mazda vehicles have either four or five on each wheel assembly. The deciding factor to just how many is determined by the weight of the vehicle.

The way the Mazda wheel lug nuts are locked into place on the studs is by their shape. On the end that faces the wheel, the lug nut is beveled. This is how the inner most portion of the wheel lug nut can insert itself into the wheel. This serves as a kind of lock washer for the nut preventing it from turning and becoming loose. It is the weight of the vehicle that helps to form this locking mechanism, and will in part secure your wheel to the vehicle so traveling is accomplished in a safe manner.

The wheel lug nuts and corresponding studs are made from harden steel and are larger than most other components of their kind on your Mazda. Even with this as a fact, they can still be cross threaded when not put on properly. This is why it is best to hand start each one of them before using the air gun to tighten them down. Not all technicians do this when they are in a rush and working in a repair shop.

It is the final responsibility of the Mazda owner to make sure each of their wheel lug nuts are properly in place so their wheel are securely mounted to their vehicle.