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The ability of the Oldsmobile Wheel Lug Nut to stay in place once it is torque down is due to the shape of this auto component. On one side of the wheel lug nut is a flat surface. This is the side that should be facing outwards. The other side that goes against the wheel is beveled in its shape. This is so it can fit into the opening of the wheel surrounding the wheel stud on your Oldsmobile. This provides for a greater surface area for the wheel lug nut to be held in place.

If a repair shop has mounted your wheels, it is advisable you inspect them after you leave the shop. If just one of the Oldsmobile wheel lug nuts was stripped when it was being mounted by the technician, it will not provide your vehicle will a firm foundation on which to roll down the road. This is a rare occurrence but does happen from time to time. If one or more are found then not only does the wheel lug nut have to be replaced but also the wheel stud. The threads in both will be permanently damaged.

By having all five wheel lug nuts firmly in place on your Oldsmobile, the wheels will not have any chance of vibrating lose. This is by design because of the placement of the nuts and studs around the wheel hub. If one is missing when the wheel hits an obstacle, it could help to loosen the other lug nuts near it. There is no worse feeling than going down the road and a massive vibration emanating from the wheels. It will force you to stop your Oldsmobile or the wheel will come off and the vehicle will stop for you.