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Plymouth Wheel Lug Nut

Plymouth Van Wheel Lug Nut
The Plymouth Wheel Lug Nuts are not locking nuts but they can be torque down on the stud as if they were. The wheel lug nut is two sided and must be placed on the stud with the bevel edge facing towards the wheel. This will make it possible for the edge of the wheel lug nut to slightly enter the hole on the wheel holding it firmly in place.

On the Plymouth models that rolled off of the assembly line, the configuration of wheel lug nuts was either 4 or 5 on each wheel. The greater the number, the larger and heavier the vehicle is. Each of them is positioned round the wheel evenly so it will be held firmly into place.

The Plymouth wheel lug nut should last the life of your vehicle unless it is crossed threaded when a wheel is being mounted. If and when this occurs a secure lockdown of the wheel will no longer be possible. The wheel lug stud will also be damaged and should also be replaced.

If a cross threaded wheel lug nut goes unnoticed, it will become lose and fall off. If you have hub caps, a noise coming from inside of the hub cap will be noticeable by the driver of the Plymouth when this occurs. The replacement of the nut and stud are easy to accomplish with a hammer and wrench. Once this procedure is completed, the wheel can then be held securely on the wheel hub and the vehicle will be safe to roll down the road once again.

All of your Plymouth lug nuts should always be present on the vehicle when it is in motion. This is the only way for sure you will know the wheels will not vibrate off when you are traveling.